It’s Time To Stock Up On Socks

Recently, the weather in Los Angeles has been quite confused. Numerous times this past month I have woken up thinking it’s going to be a warm sunny day, when all of a sudden 3 o’clock rolls around and brings a big winter chill! This indecisive weather leaves many with the question of “What do I wear!?”

SOCKS! This humble accessory that most women hide is now our number one trendsetter.

But please remember, it goes without saying that all manner of socks aren’t suddenly a fashion trend: pair your Louboutin heels with a pair of gym socks and the fashion gods shall frown upon you. Rather, to compliment your 2010 wardrobe consider investing in our three favorite predominant styles:

  1. Full-Length stockings
  2. Knee-High/Thigh-High socks
  3. Ankle socks

Full-Length Stockings:


Ankle Socks:

– Jadan