The 1-Hour Tan Is Here

We just found out about this about a week ago and, of course, put it to the test, especially as a long holiday weekend is on it’s way and the sun just came out after four weeks of rain in the U.K. and Europe.  It’s the 1 Hour Spray Tan. What does that mean. It means… can  get a spray tan and shower an hour later. Let me repeat that.. You can get a spray tan and shower an hour later and the tan keeps developing, Best of all it lasts.  No more waiting 8 hours to shower. No more semi-icky smell. Spray and you’re ready to go in an hour. There is nothing more to say. It’s that simple and that wonderful. Now available at Portofino in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. If you don’t live n LA , I would pester your tanning salon and ask them if it’s coming soon. For an appointment, and they are booking fast for this weekend, 310-276-8855 for Beverly Hills and 310-458-7861 for Santa Monica.


NJ, The Brunette