The Blonde and The Brunette Interviews Derek Lam! Part II

We promised Part II of the Interview with Derk Lam. Here it is. That’s The Brunette and Derek  together (and I am in his fabulous leather & chiffon skirt from his Fall 2010 Collection) and deep in a fashion dialogue that  had us laughing about a lot of things. When the interview was over, Derek showcased his Fall 2011 Collection at a very intimate gathering at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. His favorite look (and mine too) is the great color blocked trousers with the pale blue double cashmere jacket. A knock out.  For the second part of our conversation, we asked a few rapid fire questions á la Jimmy Fallon’s late night interviews. Here we go and a special thank you to Derek Lam, his team and Neiman Marcus for making this all happen!

B&B: The sexiest look for a women is….


Derek Lam: …A men’s trouser.


B&B: A confident women wears…..


Derek Lam: A little makeup. Not too much. Just that right amount.


B&B: If you are petite (and he’s looking right at me)…


Derek Lam: If you are petite enjoy it! (Lots and lots of laughter) because not everyone is.


B&B: But when I think petite I think short not thin. (more laughter)


Derek Lam: You’re just gigantic! (we’re both howling with laughter)


B&B: If you are tall…


Derek Lam: You just have to live with the fact there is going to be more envy. (Lots more laughter because we know it’s true).  And even wearing platforms with someone who is not as tall doesn’t make up for great long legs.


B&B: If you are curvy….


Derek Lam: Enhance it! Highlighting the curves is one of the sexiest things to see a woman.


B&B: Blondes always look great in…(long pause)


Derek Lam: White and the Spring collection is a great Blonde ode.


B&B: Brunettes always look great in…


Derek Lam: (another pause) I’d say, black. Yeah. And this fall is great on brunettes.


B&B: I always go back to black. It just makes me feel better as I have a tough time adding color to my wardrobe. (He looks and me and we both know this collection is all about black but the ability to successfully add color in a new way.)


B&B: When you travel, and you have this great following who is always on the go, the one key look to pack is….


Derek Lam: A  great cashmere cardigan. That’s not a frumpy cardigan but almost a tailored jacket. That ‘s a modern type of suit. We always do that in each collection.


B&B: Last question. What’s the best way to go from the office to evening if you can’t go home? I think it’s the modern woman’s dilemma.


Derek Lam: Well…you gotta get home and change or pack it in your bag! (We both burst into laughter because Derek is right again!) Because even if we are busy, we should enjoy fashion. I love the idea of being laid  back and having the right thing for the whole day but it’s also fun to snap out of it by changing your wardrobe. And,  I don’t mean that in a frivolous way. It’s a mood changer in a positive way.


B&B: Any last thoughts?


Derek Lam: At the end of the day, I am always inspired by California. I love coming out here. I think California is so the epitome of American style. When I travel through Europe and Asia, I see this kind of overwhelming influence of  informal/formal that comes from California. Sportiness. Being healthy. This great LA style. LA is a very stylish place.


B&B: Of course, we agree!

Finally a few of Derek’s thoughts on his great collection that made its way down the runway.  Fall is about “back to school and interesting colors.  I was thinking about school uniforms.  Pale blue with black.  School girlish.  Charming.  Luxury but chic. Proportions.  Shorter in the front and longer  in the back.  Jackets that are shorter and have an unexpected quality.  Pea jackets in new colors, proportions & color blocking. Stripes on trousers to elongate the leg.  Shearling and dresses, that are great knits, with more layering as a fresh choice.  I was also inspired by vintage blankets.  Short & long  proportions combined and finished with subtle details even ombré mink or leather. I love absolutely simple for evening.  This is a great way to standout.”

One last detail: if you are wondering about the signature rams-head for the handbag, accessories and jewelry line, Derek Lam is an Aries.  The Derek Lam collection is available at Neiman Marcus, his two stores in New York City (Madison Avenue and Crosby Street, which he can see from his workshop across the street) and

– NJ, The Brunette