The Hottest Messenger Bag: Proenzer Schouler PS1 Patent Leather Bag

Almost sold out. I ran into Roxy Sowlaty, one of my all-time favorite brunettes, who was back in LA visiting family and friends (and she is truly a rock star at what she does in the fashion world as the manager of the Kardashian sisters’ DASH Store in New York on Houston Street in Soho).  We were both obsessing about the almost unattainable PS1 Patent Leather Messenger bag by Proenzer Schouler. The patent leather one. The exclusive one.  It is the best messenger bag out there and you can’t find it anywhere except online at  It may be sold out and if you want one, there are no returns or exchanges.  So you want to be very, very, very sure if you order it.  Available in large (which I think is sold out) and medium sizes.  Good luck!

– NJ, The Brunette