The Top 3 Summer ’15 Menswear Trends


I don’t know about all the men that read this blog, but I like to consider myself a somewhat fashionable guy. I keep up with trends, and try to keep my look as modern and clean as possible. With that being said, some of my usual staples in my wardrobe are suddenly being recognized by the greater population of men, so if you haven’t dabbled already in the following, then please feel free to do so and make it your own, or ladies, feel free to share this with your fellas.


menswear_7_071615I always love to keep it simple with my outfits, but adding a pop of color or a great print is a good way to catch some attention (the good kind). Personally, I  mix  printed shorts with basic colors to accentuate that pop of something different in your outfit.  In fact, printed shorts paired with the right solids can be the statement piece to your outfit; and of course, all these tips are most definitely summer-friendly (remember, we here at The Blonde & The Brunette are based out of Southern California, where it’s almost always warm).

menswear_6_071615There’s nothing like a great accessory to add some punch.



One thing my father taught me that most men don’t seem to pay attention to is that your leathers should always match. Meaning if you have brown leather shoes on, you should have a brown leather belt on. I always take it one step further and match my watch band (if it is indeed leather) to my belt and shoes. It may seem like a small detail, but to me, the details are what makes the outfit. This caramel tone of brown is my favorite ever in leather, so I don’t mind the surge of products coming out lately that cater to my taste. And again, the good thing about real leather, is that it ages so well. I love the patina in things like my wallet and belt, it adds so much character.



 Today denim is the mainstay of any smart casual wardrobe for the office but it’s balancing act to stay current with all the fashion machinations. Most days in the office, I always keep it clean with a pair of dark jeans. Always professional, but somewhat casual. But, on Friday and the weekends, I like to mix it up with a light pair of jeans. I’ve never been a fan of super ripped jeans, but that particular aspect of this trend is something I’m new to. I actually saw some ripped jeans on a co-worker, and wondered to myself if I could pull it off. So I gave it a try. I bought some and ended up loving them. I think the key to these is that you have to be confident in them, and wear them with dark colors. You can find me wearing ripped jeans with some bright sneakers and a black tee, or even a dark denim button-up with the brown boots. Super versatile.


menswear_10_071615menswear_9_071615-David, The Menswear Contributor