Vanity Fair and Elton John Oscar Parties Fashion Parade

The Blonde & The Brunette checked out the fashion and style at two of the most important Oscar “After Parties”.  It seemed like one of the best years for figure-flattering and elegant choices.  Of course we are talking about the Vanity Fair and Elton John events.  There was a continuation of the beautiful, vibrant reds with Zoe Saldana, Anna Pacquin and Sandra Bullock (in her red Vera Wang) to Jessica Biel and Gwyneth Paltrow in striking beaded “nude” gowns.  The fashion parade progressed with a sensational line-up of gowns with amazing backs, necklines, feathers (love Hilary Swank in her Gucci) and sequins.  But, we also wanted to focus attention on a stunning group of ageless beauties who shine just as bright as “young Hollywood”.  And, if you think you might be able to find or buy one of these gowns, forget it.  Almost all of them are loaned and not available at retail for mere mortals.

As you may have noticed, many celebrities wear one gown to the Oscars and then do a quick change to wear something much more comfortable and (potentially) glamorous on the party circuit. Some other standouts included seeing Madonna and her daughter Lourdes and spotting the stunning Eva Mendes and Camilla Alves.  In their own way, they each showcased this years’ fashion theme with daring backs, some of the sexiest most revealing lace dresses ever, dramatic necklines and many one shoulder gowns (which I think  actually worked in most cases).  Maybe it’s just me but I wasn’t a big fan of Heidi Klum’s “mirror” gown and I know she jokingly asked her husband, Seal, for Windex to keep it sparkly.  In any case, just like Cinderella, almost all the gowns go back in the morning.

And if you’re curious, the ratings were down over 7%, and only up 2% in the hip demographic that ABC was (so desperately) aiming to boost (as they confidentially announced their new seven year contract live).  Anne Hathaway had over seven (7) costume changes (and we recognized many of the gowns from the Fall Haute Couture Runway, including the neon blue Armani Privé)  and as great as she looked, there was virtually no chemistry between her and James Franco or the audience.  Can’t imagine what the strategy will be next year.  Maybe a host with comedic experience.  We miss you Billy Crystal!  Let The Blonde & The Brunette know what you think.

– NJ, The Brunette

Photos by Patrick McMullan