Viewfinder: The Souped-Up Photo Gallery App




“If the photo-sharing app field were a party, the room would exceed maximum capacity, everyone would look vaguely familiar, and all the vodka would be filtered.” That’s the take from none other than the Webby folks.

They vetted or as they say “netted” the latest addition to the photo app circus and have come up with a thumbs up review of the new iPhone app Viewfinder. You know it has to be good if they like it.

Created by ex-Googlers, Viewfinder “intelligently organizes your photos by time and location, then it lets you browse them using a trippy time dial.”

Viewfinder has been applauded for its ingenious sharing method. “You can invite people to view specific photos or albums and leave comments which show up right in your app. If they don’t have the app, the photos show up in a private online library and comments can be added via email.”

The techie experts went on to say “Essentially, Viewfinder has taken the stock iPhone photos app, organized it with a beautiful interface, and added simple, elegant sharing features.”

Sounds like our kind of party. Download the Viewfinder app here.


NJ, The Brunette