We Love It! Six “Radiant Orchid” Pantone Color of The Year Beauty Finds

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We’ve been waiting for this color to come back around again; or at least I have. It’s just so flattering whether you are a blonde or brunette. Pantone just named “Radiant Orchid” the 2014 Color of the Year and we suspect, this may just actually be the perfect pick. Sephora seems to be backing us up on this announcing, that “the color is widely flattering and speaks to a romantic trend. ” Is 2103 over yet? We need  a little optimism.

If you feel like jumping on the bandwagon (and I admit I raced to the store yesterday and bought the shade) before 2014 even gets started, you can indulge in some of the holiday magic from the NARS Guy Boudin Collection including the Full Frontal Lipstick, ($26),  Coeur Battant Blush ($29), and Never Say Never Lipliner Pencil $25 (a nod to 007), Cinematic Eyeshadow, $24, or the Sephora + Pantone upcoming lipstick and polish collection. If you’re feeling more adventurous, grab some Converse All Stars; or for the ultimate commitment, add a bodacious amethyst ring from John Hardy or a pink sapphire to your jewelry collection. Maybe that’s the perfect way to mark a 2014 engagement.

So do you love it or hate? Will you wear it or you won’t?


NJ Goldston, The Brunette