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Frank Is Awesome.


So what is it? Frank is an all natural coffee scrub for your body. It is an exfoliator that targets skin conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, varicose veins, acne, and psoriasis, and it actually REALLY works! It is made with fresh arabica coffee grinds, sweet almond, orange, and lots of other natural ingredients!


Here’s the scoop. Pun intended. Coffee grinds are incredibly beneficial for your skin. When caffeine is applied topically, it stimulates blood-flow and circulation. This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, as well as the coffee grinds themselves are a natural exfoliate helping rid your body of dry skin. The brown sugar and sea salt help smooth out any unwanted bumps, the almond oil works to moisturize and tone your skin, and the vitamins and minerals work wonders from the outside in! So yummy!

Guess what?! You’ve also discovered Frank JUST in time for their INCREDIBLE giveaway!


Instead of Will Wonka’s Golden Ticket.  Find The // GOLDEN FRANK // !

How to win:

This month, Frank swapped his brown paper bag for a shiny gold one. It will be shipped at random to a lucky ‘frankfurt’ who buys a Frank scrub during the month of April. It could be at the beginning of the month or, it could be at the end. Nobody knows, but the more packs you buy the higher your chance of winning is. If you find the golden Frank, you’ll win the ultimate babe’s trip to BALI! Yes! You read that correctly.

What you & your best babe friend will get :

x 2 Return flights to Bali
x 7 Nights accommodation for 2
$1000 spending money
Hotel transfers
Spa treatment for 2
A babe’n Triangl bikini for each of you. 

Happy scrubbing!

To purchase : 14.95 for original or 17.95 for the Coconut & Grapeseed. FrankBody 

Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean.

Xx. Jadan Huter

Barneys’ The Window Features NJ Goldston, The Brunette


Barneys New York recently caught up with NJ Goldston, our stylish, globe-trotting Brunette, for their April ‘The Window’ feature.  Always up to a fashion Q & A challenge, NJ revealed details about her personal aesthetic, the top five fashion rules she lives by, and some of her must-have picks for Spring.  To read  all about it and maybe grab one of her musts or lusts , check out The Window or some of their sporty Spring styles at Barneys New York.

With Love From LA,

The Blonde & The Brunette Team


Emoji’s On Your Toes?


It’s a fact, everyone with an iPhone has a favorite emoji, or maybe even a top five. That little cheer team that you put under every Instagram photo, the classic kissy face in reply to a sweet text, or the heart eyed kitty cat when you see something you love. They basically express your emotions for you, without you having to use words. Now, instead of keeping these emotions locked up on a keypad, you can wear these emotions or rather… emoji’s, on your toes!

Wondering who put this clever collab together? The Miami-based shoe pros Del Toro have done it again by teaming up with Moda Operandi for an exclusive summer 2014 pre-order.


 If you missed the exclusive online Trunk Show, we thought we would give you one last chance to order. Reach out to Moda Operandi stylist Rachel Bowens and let her know which pair makes you oh so emotional.

Xx. NJ Goldston, The Brunette & Jadan Huter

Take a Peak Inside: Our April Glossybox Review

photo 2

Confession: The Blonde and The Brunette are suckers for beauty subscriptions. No one necessarily NEEDS a monthly delivery filled with surprise beauty and make-up products, but everyone loves a monthly treat in the mail! Glossybox is one of our favorites! It’s a beautifully packaged subscription box. You never know what your getting each month and that’s half the fun.

photo 4

When my April Glossybox arrived,  I immediately noticed a very strong smell! It was the Alex and Ani soap bar! Loved it.  It’s a strong scent that is neither feminine nor masculine. There’s a secret. The scent was created “with the four elemental energies of earth, air, fire and water” and is suppose to encourage “emotional balance along with a sense of ease and comfort to the body and mind.

photo 1 copy

The next thing I immediately spotted was the cute little coral Nails Inc. mini polish. I’m a sucker for bright polish, and it’s perfect for spring! And yes, coral is the color this Spring.

photo 2 copy

Next in line, was the Alterna Haircare Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand. Works like a charm on my thick head of hair!

photo 5 copy

One of my favorite goodies was the Paris Black Rose Cream Mask. I had heard about this very high-end mask, and was so excited to try it! Indeed, It smelled like roses. Rose oil is very expensive, and incredible for the skin!

photo 4 copy

Next up, the Etre Belle Cosmetics Liplift Peel. This isn’t a product I would have likely found on my own. It did get rid of the chapped skin on my lips. It contains some of those exfoliating bead things, which is quite an interesting feel for your lips!

photo 3 copy

Lastly, the BONUS ITEM – Alex and Ani Charm Bangle. This was a special extra this month. I love that they included a jewelry item!

photo 5

The box is $21/month, and TOTALLY worth the fun!

Check it out for yourself, HERE!

Xx. Jadan Huter

Weekend One: Inside Coachella 2014 Street & Celeb Style


 Our intrepid B & B team was behind the scenes at Coachella.  We just had to share the celebrity style, exclusive parties, and the best of the street style looks. There’s nothing like living in California and a hot music filled day or night in the desert. So pull out your cutoffs, fringe bag, anything white, black and athletic, summer booties, a caftan, or your floral head band and you’ll be ready for next weekend. Remember, the fashion rule is the crazier the better. 

We’ll quickly break it down.  The Alexander Wang x H & M  party ruled for the explosion of confetti to announce their upcoming collab, out right fun, and party goers from Chanel Iman with ASAP Rocky, Katy Perry (almost unrecognizable in the rainbow hair theme that seemed to be everywhere), to a very, very slender Kate BosworthEmmy Rossum, Performer Iggy Azalea and Fergie. Bosworth had a firm grip on her Valentino Capricorn astrological fringed clutch. Hello, a week ago, I said we’d be see it make its way on to many a celebs wrist pronto.

Other great parties included lots of PYT’s hanging poolside at the Ingelside Inn. Katy Perry was there too! Julianne Hough hosting a gaggle of great gals at the Harper’s Bazaar luncheon including, you guessed it, Katy Perry, plus Katherine McPhee. Rail thin Jordana Dunn looked stunning at the StyleCaster + UGG party . We especially loved the iridescent Sparkle I Do UGG’s on DJ Chloe Norgaard and the crazy assortment of sunglasses and hair-do’s.


all photos: Angela Pham Kocev/ Farrell /


We can’t wait to see what next weekend brings.

With Love From Coachella, NJ Goldston, Lauren Cheek & The B & B Crew


MTV Movie Awards 2014 Red Carpet Mashup


 I’ve been thinking this all Spring but the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet has finally given me the courage to just write it. The fashion this Spring is, well, not so great. Other than a few exceptions which included Jessica Alba and Shaliene Woodley, I’m a bit underwhelmed by the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet.

I’m sure all the other media outlets will be gushing. However, I think that’s just the standard so and so “stunned in xyz dress.”  Very few celebs and their stylist pulled it together. There was an eclectic, trendy fashion mix with the only thumbs up for me being looks in modified crop tops, whites, a few of the all-black looks  including Nicki Manaj, Rita Ora, Jessica Dawson Tatum and of course, Mila Kunis officially debuting her mommy-to-be bump.  I was underwhelmed by Lupita N’yong’O in the hot, art-inspired look of the season (and I may be wildly booed for this) and Zendaya did look lovely in florals.



I can’t resist highlighting a a few of the misses. I know it’s the MTV Movie Awards, and, anything goes. That’s half the fun; however I’m starting to like the slightly longer skirt lengths, more mono-chromatic or color-blocked looks.  Finally, thank you Zac Efron and Ian Bohen for providing some great eye candy!


 So what are your favorites? Did I get this all wrong?

 With Love From The Nokia Theater,

xo NJ Goldston, The Brunette

Un-Retouched & Fabulous: The Real You Is Sexy


 Looks like Aerie is ready for her closeup…Her un-retouched closeup. Come on. We all know that ads and mag snaps are retouched.   Aerie,  American Eagle’s sister store for lingerie, has launched Aerie Real, a Spring 2014 ad campaign featuring all un-airbrushed models. In its release, aerie announced that the ads are “challenging supermodel standards by featuring un-retouched models in their latest collection of bras, undies and apparel.” We love this dose of reality.  Sometimes it seems beauty standards are so impossible that we can’t even envison ourselves in what’s being offered.


We hope you agree. Aerie’s decision to show its models sans Photoshop, in their real, unretouched glory is a very bold move that most fashion brands never make. What makes it an even stronger statement is the age demographic of its customers. Aerie is aimed at the 15-21 year olds, who base most of their body confidence, or lack their of it on the images they see in the media. These days, we’re so used to seeing models who have been digitally airbrushed, nipped, tanned, and tucked, that it’s actually shocking when we notice stretch marks on our own thighs.

One ad campaign probably won’t solve the insecurities we women have had to grow up with starting at such a young age, but by showcasing real girls, in real clothing, I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start!

Check out a few of the au-natural models up top! Stunning if you ask me! To see more check out Aerie.

Xx. Jadan Huter

The Big Day: Best Looks For Wedding Belles


It almost here. OK. Right after festival season. Wedding season. Whether you’re a classic or unconventional bride-to-be, we’ve found some great looks that won’t break the bank and you just might want to wear again (!!!) for you, your bridesmaids,  guests, and the men in your life, including the groom.


For the fellas, send them to East Dane. You & your gal pals can check out ShopBops’s Wedding Boutique over drinks and an iPad. Wedding season just got a whole lot easier! SO o more wedding bell blues.

 xo NJ,  The Brunette

Last Minute Boho Festival Looks


It’s that time of year again. Nope, it’s not just Spring! It is Coachella Music Festival Month! With boho festival style on our minds as the season kicks off today, The Blonde and The Brunette team gathered lots of wardrobe inspiration! Whether you want to add some boho to your wardrobe or recycle some of your  favorite items, you can’t deny the appeal of super California cool.


 This year we’re predicting seeing lots more maxi dresses and hobo bags in neutrals or floral prints.

Here are our must have items:


See by Chloe  Augusta Leather & Suede Hobo Bag in Taupe, $595.


Joie dress, $298.


Joie sandals, $315.


Joie in Blue and Pink Floral Prints, $428.


Michael Michael Kors Maxi Dress, $175.


-Kathryn, The Blonde.

Fall 2014: Bold Beautiful Prints From Clover Canyon


We’re trying to put more color in our wardrobes and break away from being so monotone. Between lime green meadows, fairies, and endless color explosions, the Clover Canyon Fall 2014 collection looks like someone took a kaleidoscopic of Ireland and translated it striking print treatments.  The classic silhouettes and touches of black add the perfect balance for the almost hallucinatory overload.


If you look closely, the beautiful Irish countryside is worked into so many of the prints along with stained glass windows, tartans, and a rainbow all of which is a not so subtle nod to reflect the heritage of  designer Rozae Nichols‘ heritage. Designed and produced in Los Angeles, the Clover Canyon collection truly reflects the eclectic, joyful spirit of California. Each garment is designed, patterned, cut and sewn in-house, and always will be. No wonder it’s so close to our hearts.

My eyes couldn’t be happier.

Xx. Jadan Huter



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