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Trendy Thursday : Matching Separates


Do you think Cher and Dionne thought this trend was going to resurface again? As if!


I’ve fallin’ head over heels in love with the latest 90′s trend made new again, matching separates. This trend leaves every shape, size and style taken care of. There’s a look for every occasion, style for every woman, and a print for every personality!

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Our Favorite Bold Brands From Down Under


Fashion flash! The Australian fashion scene is going through a seismic shift and I’m loving it.  It used to be considered two steps, well, at least a season behind everyone and everywhere else. Not anymore.  Suddenly all kinds of brands from Australia are at the forefront.  Edgy and different from the American scene, it’s time I caught up our stateside (or not) followers with my personal must and lust favorites. You’re not going to want to miss out on this group of secret gems.


 My personal favs include flirty Cameo, the colorful, yet edgy Finders Keepers, KEEPSAKE for beautiful evening wear, new comer Jaggar and The Fifth. Check out and shop some of my favorite pieces! The best part, you won’t see yourself coming and going in any one of these special selects. You’ll literally stand out in a crowd without breaking the bank. My favorite fashion combo.

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Are You Ready For Nordstom’s BIGGEST SALE of The Year?!


OK. We don’t normally do this but you’d probably be pretty upset with us if we didn’t point out. It’s here.  Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, is the sale of all sales! Every year Nordstroms discounts some of their hottest items, at ridiculously low prices and sale items are new, exclusive pre-fall / fall styles.


 This year, B&B’s made it easy for you and hand picked all of our favorite sale items that we just couldn’t live without!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale lasts from July 18th – August 3rd including discounts on new, exclusive pre-fall / fall products.







-The Blonde & The Brunette Team


I’m Beach Ready In My Eco-Friendly GreenLee Swimwear!


 Okay, let’s get cheeky. These hot little pieces make for the perfect summer suits! GreenLee Swim , originators of the recycled bikini concept, definitely got the memo for  go-to styles on the beaches of Malibu, pool parties in the Hollywood Hills, and the highly competitive who has the best guest house in the Hamptons scene.

They’re known  for their basic style bikinis in cute bright colors ways with bottoms that truly flatter almost very figure. Another plus, they’re clean & simple pieces make the perfect summer staple meaning they won’t be out of style next year. We also love their mix and match colors and styles which you can  rock as a set.  This way you get more looks and bang for your buck.

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‘Karlify’ Your Emojis


Lately I’ve had Karl on the brain. It all started with my Fendi “Karlito” buggies obsession that has a wait list from Beverly Hills to Milan. I want the pink. Anyway, if you can’t have a Karlito then why not Karlify your emoji’s? Works for me.


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Hello Sugar!


There’s a new sugar secret in Beverly Hills and I can’t believe it took me a few months to discover it.  In the land of skinny, everyone secretly craves sweets and the newest not-so under the radar spot is sugarfina. I’d like to take credit for finding this find but I can’t. The Blonde & The Brunette were just gifted our own customized “Bento Box” of sugar delights as a spectacular thank you.  Now we’re addicted and trying to figure out how to do more favors for anyone who will ask and get another Bento Box on our doorstep.

Located right on Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills and a stone’s throw away from Rodeo Drive, the founders have literally created the grown-up candy boutique of our dreams.  It all came together after they taste-tested thousands of candies in dozens of countries (it’s a tough job, we know), to curate a collection of the finest, highest-quality candies from around the world. There are walls and tables of candies for you to create your own gourmet candy collection. Of course, every candy has a clever name from “sugar daddy” to  the summery “peach bellini.”


 Let’s break it down. The way it works is the wall of  boxed sugary delights makes it easy to pick and choose your favorites. Yum!  Once you’ve made your choices, it’s all wrapped up in the Tiffany-esque packaging of the candy world. It’s a blue box that won’t break the bank.

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Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda: The Most Exclusive Fashion Show In The World

Dolce & Gabban Capri

I wasn’t there and I wasn’t invited (rats!) but Blonde & Brunette Contributor-At-Large Susan Casden was along with B & B friend Amber Sakai, Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles, Anna Della Russo and Dolce & Gabbana‘s top clients from around the world. This year it happened on the island of Capri as guests were whisked in by private boat (and jet) to what’s considered the most exclusive fashion show in the world. Catering to top clients is now all about the experience.

Guests were advised to wear flats, happily embraced no assigned seats, and were treated to 78 looks, many of them one-of-a kind, starting at $40,000 to price is no object.  All the dresses were hand-painted and accessories included 18 karat gold sandals, jewel-encrusted watches and gold crowns. Spectacular furs including a full length cape of lynx lined with shaved mink were swoon-worthy. No photos, paparazzi, or social media were allowed but we got our hands on a few snaps.

D 10413130_269557983247409_1816083256_n

Models arrived by boat!


The stunning runway


dolce-gabbana-capri-alta-moda-striped-skirt-main E 10431927_260755350783104_1283268554_n

The nautical stripes inspired by the island were embellished with beautiful stones and crowns.

H 10483445_278253029028393_1736984263_n

If you had any doubt, sixties style is back.

J 10488678_320787771412383_453717932_n

Looks for the girl that has absolutely everything. Most sold within hours and days of the event .

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Throwback Thursday : Poloroids


Downtown Las Vegas.

Surprise! They’ve done it again.

Alongside the old Neon Graveyard exhibit right off Fremont street comes another slightly odd, yet MUST SEE attraction.

The Poloroid Museum.


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We’re Bringing Back The Birkens


NJ, The Brunette spotted them at a party in the Hollywood Hills last weekend and did a double take. Whether you love or loathe Birkenstocks, there’s no denying that they are back on trend. If you love them, I’m sure you’re incredibly happy about this, seeing as Birkenstocks are a mascot for a sensible yet still quite stylish (okay maybe that’s a stretch) shoe! Who’s going to deny a trendy shoe with a built in arch support?


We suddenly realized this renewed interest in Birkenstocks may have taken its inspiration from the carefree 1990′s photo of Kate Moss shot by photographer Corinne Day that recently resurfaced.  If Kate can pull it off, why not you? They’re innocent, youthful and carefree! It seems the fashion industry is FINALLY giving hardworking women a break! With the fun reinvention of the sneaker last year, and now a fresh, new introduction to Birkenstocks? It’s almost too good to be true!

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Trendy Tuesday: Crop Til’ You Drop


Once a dreaded trend, and now my closet staple… Crop tops !

 It’s funny that only a month ago, I winced at the thought of a crop top. I didn’t understand the appeal, and why all of a sudden they were popping up EVERYWHERE! OK, maybe Rihanna wearing one at The MET Gala.

It then became my mission to nail this trend without feeling like a 90′s teeny bopper or spending 24 hours a day at the gym.


Would you believe it if I told you crop tops could actually become one of your most flattering wardrobe stables too? Get in on my little secret… Pair it with anything high-waisted! This way, the crop top is still relevant, yet you’re only barring a classy cut-out. It seems to be the new chic, sexy and sophisticated version of the classic dress.  It’s hard to deny how flattering this look makes a woman’s silhouette.

A few tips for first time crop shoppers :

1. A halter-style top will lend a ‘90s vibe to your ensemble.

2.  A crop top plus a circle skirt makes for a particularly girly pairing.

3.  High-waisted pencil skirts and bra crops are a match not to be messed with. Pumps are the perfect way to dress up the look.

4. Go with neutral, ladylike or understated accessories to complete the look.

Xx. Jadan Huter



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