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Make Some Stylish Tracks In Black & White


Here’s some yin to the yang foot fashion for you.
We all know opposites attract, and the contrast between black and white never gets old, not even on shoes. Celebs from Nicole Ritchie to Victoria Beckham are in violent agreement especially since they just sent menswear flats down their recent SS15 runway shows. Take their style lead (and NJ’s) as a way to add some drama to everyone’s favorite. Black and white.


 Here’s some timeless classics we love. So much so, we shopped around and found a pair in every price range!


SAINT LAURENT – Two-tone leather penny loafers $695


GIANVITO ROSSI – Bicolor Cutout Pump $850


Nicholas Kirkwood Leather Zigzag-Detail Loafers $560


Stella McCartney Faux Leather Triple Sole Lace-Up Shoes  $995


Manolo Blahnik Chaos Bicolor Leather & Suede Ankle-Strap Sandals $725


LUST: BALENCIAGA Leather Chelsea boots $995




Vans Perforated Leather Women’s Slip-On Sneaker $60


Steve Madden Brixy $99

 Xx. Jadan Huter

Get Collared


A few weeks ago I spotted one of these gorgeous collars by New York-based CFDA nominee  Amanda Assad Mounser on fashion editor and stylist Bri Holloway. It suddenly became my latest must along with everyone else around LA. The timing is perfect.  Mounser’s inspo is 1970’s glam rock and that’s what just marched down many of the #LFW SS2105 runways.

No wonder, after several seasons of  all the focus on bracelets and rings, the necklace is making a strong comeback for fall in an array of styles and collars. In other words, this is how to make an entrance over and over and over. Grab one before they’re gone. By the way, all of her necklaces are Made in the USA.



Garland Collar Necklace

The showstopping  Garland Collar necklace from Assad Mounser features embellished triangle Swarovski crystals, neon resin gems, glass/rhinestone beads and vintage looking rhinestone brooches. Bri wore it during the day and rocked it!



Veronica Choker

 My personal favorite for evening,  the asymmetrical Veronica Choker choker features an ombré chain and rhinestone detailing with hand-sewn Swarovski gems, glass beads and encrusted pyramid spikes. The magnetic clasp makes it so easy to wear.



Monroe Choker

The designer’s colorful asymmetrical Monroe Choker stuns with an ombré chain embellished with box stud drops, hand-sewn resin gems and glass beads. The magnetic clasp keeps it secure.


Tania Necklace

The more delicate Tania Necklace works day or night. Hey, I’d wear it to the office or the beach. Anything goes these days. It  features a silver plated brass chain necklace with Swarovski crystals, glass beads, rhinestone details and pave pyramid spikes. Magnetic closure.


Arrakis Necklace

So rocker chic! With dazzling green crystals, spikes, rhinestone stars and chain links the Arrakis may be a tie for my favorite whether you’re a blonde or brunette but especially for redheads. Magnetic closure.


Now the fun part. Eeney, meenie, miney, moe, my mother says pick this one! Find anyone of these beautiful chokers online at Bri Holloway.

With Love From LA,

NJ Goldston, The Brunette

#LFW SS15 Standouts & Not (Hits & Misses)


We loved what happened across the pond at #LFW SS 2015.  As usual, we have our favorites and we’re going to call the trends. But this time round, Tom Ford may have won my heart for Best in Show as the fashion barometer swung from the sixties to the romantic and everything in between.






Everything about Tom Ford’s sixties inspired collection got me at “Hello” from the leggy looks to the sheers and smokey make-up. I think this collection is going to be a street style game changer. On a separate note,  who will he be dressing at The Met in one of these looks or will we  spot one on the Red Carpet in the near future? Can’t wait to see.






She’s the one to watch. Simone Rocha’s got it all happening for day and eveningwear and if you want a party dress to standout it. She’s your girl.




I know her and adore her. She’s arrived. Her work just gets better and better. A textile genius. Katrantzou’s SS15 collection is inspired by “the human body in motion as a series of tectonic plates and oceanic fissures.” That’s where her definition she referenced in the program notes, “Pangaea, meaning  ‘all the earth’, and Panthalassa, meaning ‘all the ocean’,” comes in to play. “Katrantzou was thinking about the supercontinent 200 million years ago that was subsequently pulled into a jigsaw puzzle of land. In clothing terms, that meant eveningwear with glittering panelling, embroidered with horsehair.”  Geography seems to be on of her consistent go-to inspirations.  Once again, it’s a winner.


Another stunning collection that had the front row and buyers swooning.


Want. Want. Want.


Why bother with a fashion show when you can have real models wearing real clothes that real women will wear? Answer. Preen.



This is what makes fashion so much fun.




I’m guessing Berardi’s SS15 Collection is a prelude to The Met Chinese-themed Gala with special clients getting a personal twist on one of these looks.


For a major fashion brand, Burberry seems to have lost it’s way. Maybe the trench coats can save the season but I don’t know what’s going to be on the racks when the new Rodeo Drive Flagship store opens.



It’s a wrap. Sixties. Seventies. Florals. Romance. Sheers. Whimsical humor and Electric Colors.

NJ Goldston, The Brunette & David Soriano

#FW SS15 Salty Locks In Every City


We’re experiencing a serious heat wave in LA and it got me (and NJ)  thinking about the “salty locks” trend that is showing up on the SS15 runways in NY and London. Growing up in Southern California only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, I was lucky enough to experience the coveted “sexy beach waves” everyone is talking about on an almost daily basis! There is something magical about the salty sea that turns your hair into a masterpiece of waves like you’ve never seen it before! It’s that “oh this? I just spent the day at the beach, and I’m not going to bother doing my hair, cause it looks PERFECT already style!” Hey, Tom Ford just marched this tousled look down his SS15 runway.


 Since, it’s pretty much warm year round in sunny Los Angeles, but the water gets much colder during the winter months, come November, we always say the same thing…we miss the salt in our hair, our natural waves, and the unmatched feeling after a quick dip in the ocean. Here’s our quick how-to and our favorite products for that Malibu look all year long.


Option 1. For that tousled style, go with  Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Hair Mist . Spray evenly all over damp or dry hair. Let dry naturally or use a diffuser. Reapply throughout the day to restyle and refresh hair whenever necessary.


Option 2:  Use Oribe’s Aprés Beach Waves and Shine . This moisturizing and sandless spray offers buildable texture giving soft waves dramatic, sultry texture.


Option 3: For beach hair in a bottle,  you can look like you’ve spent a day at the beach with the special  PHILIP B Maui Wowie Beach Mist .


Option 4: Another favorite is the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray which adds volume and texture to the hair to create a sexy, wind-blown feel.


Option 5:  This is our personal favorite.  LAVETT & CHIN Sea Salt/Texturizing Mist which recreates the texture and body of your hair after a day at the beach. Perfect for thickening fine, limp tresses.

So, now you can have just another day at the beach and get SS15 FW hair all year long while everyone will be asking, behind your back, ” How does she do it?”

Xx. Jadan Huter & NJ Goldston, The Brunette


New York Fashion Week Street Style


Now that New York Fashion Week has come to an end, and we’re already on our way to London, we take a moment to reflect on all the great street fashion that we saw during the last week.


Last week we saw a lot of interesting fashion and some bazaar trends. Who knew being a nerd and rocking your favorite cartoons would be trendy, right?!


Monsters, and heros, and sponges, oh my! In the fashion world, anything goes. Including bringing out your inner child and embracing it! This year at Fashion Week we saw plenty of ‘out there’ outfits, including fellow blogger, Chiara Ferragni and her head-to-toe matching Spongebob outfit.



 Denim on denim is still a trend standing-strong. We’ve been seeing it for a while now and on practically everyone. We are loving it re-worked with the Bermuda shorts however, it makes it fresh and gives a new take on this wardrobe staple. Paired with black booties (which we love) and a bold clutch, and you have one super chic outfit.

Well, thank you New York for an awesome week of fashion, trends, and excitement!

Now we’re off to London to do it all over again!


-Lauren, The Blondette.

Own The Night. Introducing Astrid Bryan Black Label


More exciting fashion news from me! I am very proud to introduce my new line ASTRID BRYAN BLACK LABEL for Fall Winter 2014. It’s a more dressed up collection, because, after all, a girls’ got to own the night and what better way than in my signature favorite color. Black along with lots of other fashion goodies! Exclusively available at ZEB, I used a lot of faux leather and stretch cotton to give the dresses just the right fit. It makes them very comfortable to wear and elegant. The collection also features upscale jackets in wool and lots of black and white.  Who doesn’t love black and white?



You’ll also find a lot of navy. This winter it’s one of the most important colors and it looks great whether you’re a blonde, brunette or redhead.   Even in men’s fashion, the new color is navy blue for suits and jackets.


Also, don’t miss out on my absolutely perfect faux leather pants. They’re a wardrobe staple all year long.


I saved the best news for last.  My new Black Label collection dresses are all available for under the one hundred Dollar mark, so everyone can afford an Astrid Bryan dress.
The entire collection is available in stores right now. A smaller selection is available online at  ZEB.  Enjoy shopping!


Astrid Bryan


NYFW Spring 2015: Looks & Trends We Love


A new season started in New York this past week; and, if you’re wondering what’s in store for Spring 2015, wonder no more. It’s an edgy, sporty season with Little White Dresses (LWD), more cool whites & black,  the minimal & graphic, lots of Athleisure (remember that word), Bermuda shorts & short suits, cropped pants plus dresses that float, men’s flats (from Victoria Beckham) and glamorous hiking sandals ! As Carrie Bradshaw would have said, “I likeee” because Spring 2014 was generally a big thumbs down for me and retailers. Here we go!


Alexander Wang is a a design genius in my book along with every A-Lister fan from Rihanna, Nicki Manij to Lauren Hutton. He can do no wrong.


My must have is graphic and minimal pants and tops that work together. Obsessing. All men’s shoes and flats. All over the runway and in black. My favorite.


This look has evolved. Last year the all white was just a bit too stark. Designers have reworked it into sophisticated silhouettes. Again. Black flats!!!


If you hadn’t noticed, Coach is back! Pay attention.


This trend is here to stay and getting better each season. Look good and feel good.


Victoria Beckham does it again and she adds men’s flats. She swears she wears flats. OK. Maybe at home, but I love the look.


My go to wardrobe staple no matter the year or season.


Anna Sui got everyone’s attention especially with the hairstyles that came down her runway.


No one else is mentioning the LPD  but, it’s lovely and we hope buyers pursue it. We’re sure to see the Duchess of Cambridge in Jenny Packham.


The feminine evening wear for next Spring is making my heart beat a little faster.


OK. we saw white, black and olive in many collections. It’s lovely and very sophisticated.  Works whether you’re a blonde or a brunette.


We didn’t pull a lot of metallic looks, but I think we’re going to see this trend grow. It’s exciting to see it as a warm weather option.


This is how we’re all going to be wear “shorts” or Bermuda’s next Spring. It’s so hot in LA right now, I starting today!


What did I say earlier this week?  The sixites are back. Yup. They are. Have fun with it.


Gingham showed up in a lot of collections. It suddenly looks fresh, fresh, fresh and fun.


 I spotted some tangerine for evenings and more relaxed evening wear.  More on that in a few days. Finally,  I don’t know about you but the models seem even skinnier and even more frail. Pizza, anyone? Lots more fashion opinions in the days ahead especially since Marc Jacobs show is in a few hours.

With Love From NYFW,

NJ Goldston, The Brunette & David Soriano



Heavy Duty Glamour


It’s Fashion Week and the glam factor is in full swing. I’m on board and it feels like once a week I fall head over heels in love with a new jewelry line. This week, Vita Fede has stolen my heart with their weighty hinge bracelets and glamorous gold jewels. Born in Italy and made in LA, I couldn’t resist showcasing some of my favorites from their line. They, quite simply, make an outfit and that’s pretty important this week as we make our way to shows and fashion events.

Time for the quick back story.  Vita Fede literally translates to ‘Life’ and ‘Faith,’ two things that connect people everywhere, and, like VF designs, continue to evolve without losing the essential elements that define them.  It’s jewelry with attitude.


For founder and designer Cynthia Sakai, this means taking inspiration from life all around her to create jewels that transition seamlessly from season to season and trend to trend. Her handcrafted jewelry and accessories inspired by art, architecture and culture from the past, present and future. The VF   aesthetic combines to create my  favorite mix: timeless luxury with a feminine modern twist.


Every piece is designed with both form and function in mind, resulting in truly substantial, sophisticated, wearable works of art. Excellent quality and wearable with any style, Vita Fede has something for everyone and every outfit.

Xx. Jadan Huter

Del Toro x Edie Parker Asks Should Shoes Match Your Handbag?


It’s the universal question. In this case, for the next seven days we have to say, “YES!” along with the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Anna Dello Russo. Del- Toro x Edie Parker have just put together a bespoke collection of iconic styles and silhouettes all updated with fresh textures, glow-in-the-dark decals (watch this 2015 trend emerge and remember we told you about it), and monograms that have us lusting for our shoes and bags to match.



Hurry, because for the next seven days you can  design your own favorite combo and  get your own one-of-a-kind piece at Moda Operandi. Hint, I’ve got one already in black with glittery silver “NJ”  lettering and Jadan has an Edie Parker in gold with black lettering. So does Madonna, Solange Knowles, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Nina Dobrev and the list goes on and on.


Check out some of our favorite pieces from this collaboration, but hurry.. they won’t last long!

With Love From Fashion Week,

 NJ, The Brunette, Lauren, The Blondette.

Our New Go-To Denim


New comer on the scene, Frame Denim, is making waves. From their huge celebrity collaborations, to their uber famous high-profile fans. This super stylish denim brand, based out of London and LA, pride themselves on the world-renown quality and heritage of the denim scene here in Los Angeles, while keeping their strong influence of London’s style, cut, and fit.


Everywhere we look, we seem to be spotting these! From Cara Delevigne, to Miranda Kerr and Reese Witherspoon all seem to big fans, sporting their Frame Denim all around town. Our favorite is the classic “Le Skinny” it comes in numerous color ways, and flatters practically any body type.


 Shop our favorites below!


-Lauren, The Blondette.







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