Arm Candy

One of our favorite accessories here at The Blonde & The Brunette is arm candy!  In fact, at our last B&B meeting, we noticed several or our girls were sporting stacks of bracelets.  Astrid (pictured left) chose a wood/plastic combo accented with a lovely flower statement ring, I (pictured center) added an ornate vintage silver/onyx piece to my inexpensive H&M resin bangles, and Jadan (pictured right) stacked embossed wide gold cuffs all the way up.  While we each have own own individual style, we all agreed on this: more is more when it comes to stacking your cuffs and bangles.  We went shopping and picked out some of our favorite pieces.  We included larger statement pieces, as well as basics that you can pair with anything.  But you’ll definitely want to do a search of your own as well because there are so many more great pieces out there!

Let us know what your favorites are, or if you find any must-haves we forgot to include!

– Ashlee, Brunette Contributor