Beauty: Astrid Bryan’s Favorite Acne Concealer

We’re revealing another secret!  I found the best concealer for acne: Murad Acne Treatment Concealer, it’s an incredible acne skin treatment and makeup in one.  I get pimples (or as NJ, The Brunette says, “spots”) but naturally, at the worst possible time.  The oil-free concealer covers your breakouts without excess facial oil that clogs pores.  Murad combined Salicylic Acid to clear breakouts and Vitamin to absorb oil, and I swear, it makes my acne disappear and heal faster.  It comes in three shades and the perfect cover-up for those tricky situations.

  • Acne Treatment Concealer $21
  • For Belgium find Murad when you click here.  €29,90

– Astrid, Style and Beauty Expert