Beauty: Check Out The #RealNotRetouched Darling Magazine Movement


There’s something about a women’s natural beauty that is mesmerizing, but, sadly altering and retouching women in fashion and beauty images is the new norm. I don’t know about you, seeing “perfect” women and models fed to all of us everyday in the media makes me continually question my own beauty and self-worth. It’s often like an emotional roller coaster. One day I feel great and the next not so great. If you feel the same way, you’re not alone.

We just discovered Darling Magazine and did a big exhale. Their new social media campaign #RealNotRetouched is all about raising awareness for their movement as the first women’s magazine that has taken a stand against retouching or photoshopping of any kind on the models in their magazine.


The Darlings at Darling Magazine told us, “We want to show that real beauty is better and it is the ‘real us’ that we should embrace and feel confident about.”  They went on to cite that “Research points to the connection between depression, eating disorders and feelings of inadequacy.”  Whoa, baby. I can see how that makes sense.

At the heart of their mission is an intriguing examination of what is “the art of being a woman.” Read on to see exactly what they mean from their their mission to untouched models. By the way, no retouching doesn’t mean there isn’t great fashion and great makeup. It’s just all real world and totally attainable.


So how are they doing? With nine issues out, Darling Magazine is make a huge impact on how women perceive themselves and helping to change the way the industry defines “beauty.” Celebs like Kristen Bell are behind them believing beauty is something that is natural, not altered.






Finally, as the holidays approach, their high quality coffee table books make great gifts. You can find them at Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Whole Foods and hundreds of specialty boutiques nationwide. Check them out, and support the positive impact they’ve made in women’s media. You might just want to join the movement and subscribe at Darling Magazine. After all, we all need to support each other.

With Love From LA,

-NJ, The Brunette & Lauren, The Blondette