Best Face Wash In The Business: Crealine

Ever wonder where Parisians get their perfectly fresh skin?  I discovered their secret!


I cannot believe I have yet to share this unbelievable product with The Blonde & The Brunette readers!  I discovered this product 6 years ago on a trip to France.  I bought a small bottle at a chemist in Paris, & by the time I got home, I was so obsessed, I needed more immediately!  Of course, when I got home & couldn’t find it anywhere online.  Well, ladies…Guess what?  They just recently started selling this product on Amazon, and made it available to the States!
It is a bit more expensive than your normal facewash, but worth every penny!

“Crealine is to be used as a make-up remover with, or without your normal facewash routine.  Place a bit on a cotton ball, and watch your face/eye makeup wash away!  It is so gentle on the skin, it doesn’t burn and has no filmy residue, it feels like washing your face with fresh water!”  – Crealine

The past two weeks, I gave my normal facewash a break.  I wanted to see what Crealine alone was capable of.  Let’s just say, I wont be using my old facewash any time soon!  Honestly, if you’ve been looking for a new facial cleaner/makeup remover, give Crealine a chance!

Crealine $31.00

Xx. Jadan