Bold Socks For Father’s Day




Socks are the new fashion frontier for men. If you’ve been under a rock, what was once subdued and muted is now artistic and imaginative. So if you are looking for a quick, last minute Father’s Day gift idea, this is it.

We promise, no matter his age, dad will smile if you go unconventional.  Bright neon colors, crazy patterns, tribal motifs, polka dots, geometrics, mini-squares, crew-style stripes, plaids, camouflage or a modern argyle. You name it. Two of our favorites are Happy Socks and their four-sock gift pack ($45) or the Arthur George Collection By Robert Kardashion which is known for its outrageously colorful, uniquely artistic styles. $30 each.

Go ahead. Be bold! Dad might actually use your gift; and while your at it, your special guy might covet a pair. It’s the perfect unplanned “I love you.”


NJ, The Brunette