Bringing Back The Braid

One of my favorite hairstyles is the braid. So many options come with just that one word.  Braids have not only saved me from countless bad hair days, but they come in so many options and add so much to every outfit.  A favorite of mine is the french braid headband as we see both Ms. Barrymore & Miller flaunting here.  It not only creates a look of elegance, but accentuates the beauty of her face.  Beyond elegance you can create the boho look (Blake Lively) a soft sultry look (Kate Hudson) a flirty innocent look (Rachel McAdams) and a we cant forget the fierce look Blake Lively takes on with the high braid ponytail and sizzling hot red number.

This website will help with your braiding techniques, and depending on what look you wish to achieve, Google has all sorts of “How To” videos to get you started.  Braids

– Jadan, The BnB “It Girl