Ciate Louboutin-Inspired Manicure

Oh yeah!  Now your nails and the soles of your shoes can match.  Or, if the soles are out of reach, the fingertips are not.  Ciate has created a LOUBOUTIN-INSPIRED manicure all-in-one kit.  Adele even wore a version of it at the Grammy Awards.

Here’s how you do it: to create your own Louboutin manicure using  the Ciate gift set.  It’s just  four simple steps for application! Everything is in the kit.

1. Coat the top and underside of your nails with Underwear Base Coat to re-hydrate the nail and lay the perfect foundation for a long lasting finish.

2. Paint the underside of your nails with the pillar box red Mistress shade, to create the iconic Louboutin-Inspired red sole.

3. Apply two coats of Jewel to the top of the nail to mimic the glitzy and glam show stopping stiletto.

4. Finally, layer both sides of the nail with Ciate’s fast drying top coat – Speed Coat – to seal in the colour and give an ultra glossy Louboutin finish.

The complete kit is available online at Ciate (£30).

NJ, The Brunette