Fall 2014: Bold Beautiful Prints From Clover Canyon


We’re trying to put more color in our wardrobes and break away from being so monotone. Between lime green meadows, fairies, and endless color explosions, the Clover Canyon Fall 2014 collection looks like someone took a kaleidoscopic of Ireland and translated it striking print treatments.  The classic silhouettes and touches of black add the perfect balance for the almost hallucinatory overload.


If you look closely, the beautiful Irish countryside is worked into so many of the prints along with stained glass windows, tartans, and a rainbow all of which is a not so subtle nod to reflect the heritage of  designer Rozae Nichols‘ heritage. Designed and produced in Los Angeles, the Clover Canyon collection truly reflects the eclectic, joyful spirit of California. Each garment is designed, patterned, cut and sewn in-house, and always will be. No wonder it’s so close to our hearts.

My eyes couldn’t be happier.

Xx. Jadan Huter