Coachella 2012 Playlist (Whether You’re Going Or Not)

T-minus 1 day till all the hipsters unite in the desert for a weekend of incredible music, scorching sun (although there is a chance of rain this year), and how could we forget…a NEON CARNIVAL! All this, while the rest of us will spend our weekend stalking Instagram and trying to live vicariously through friends of ours who were lucky enough to snag tickets within the mere two hours before they sold out.

Whether you plan on attending or not, I put together a Coachella 2012 playlist with a few bands to make sure you watch out for.

*Please note: due to certain restrictions, we are not able to list these songs in a downloadable playlist format. So boot up your iTunes and listen to the tunes as you read along.

Wild Flag

They’ve only been around a year, but Wild Flag are already one of the most anticipated bands playing at Coachella. The band is an all-female supergroup of uncompromising indie rockers led by lead singer Mary Timony. Favorite track : Future Crimes


Pulps lead singer Jarvis Cocker was an essential figure from the mid-Nineties Britpop movement. Kind of like the Oasis and Blur of the UK. The band was only together for three years, but Cocker now leads the reunited band he first started as a teenager in Sheffield, England. Favorite Track : Common People

Azealia Banks

With her sexually-charged “212”, 20-year-old Azealia Banks stepped out from her Harlem neighborhood with a bang, and was soon being compared to Nicki Minaj. Favorite track : 212

Martin Solveig

If you are thinking “I’ve no clue who this is”, guess again. Recruited by Madonna for her MDNA, her single “Hello” has spread like wildfire across every dance club from here to the UK. Favorite Track : Hello

Gary Clark Jr.

Those of you who haven’t heard of this Austin, Texas native yet have a lot to catch up on. Not only is he phenomenal on the guitar (swoon!) But he already has collaborations with the likes of Nas and Alicia Keys under his belt.  He’s a singer of blues, but the best part is the funk beats he throws in to make a sound unlike any I have yet to hear. Favorite Track: Don’t Owe You A Thang

Laura Marling

This English singer-songwriter comes from the same folk scene that birthed Mumford & Sons. But be aware, she shares no sort of Mumford’s foot-stomping euphoria. Her songs are seething meditations that eyes closed can take you to the middle of Africa into the middle of a 20 person drum circle, as well as to the quiet shore of  desolate river. At age 22, this kind of energy, emotion and originality is truly remarkable. Favorite Track: Rambling Man

Mazzy Star

After more than a decade silence, Mazzy Star are reuniting this year with the duo’s first new album since 1996. It goes without saying it has been long overdue. Singer Hope Sandoval’s vocals remain eerie and sullen with the smokey guitar we all loveFavorite Track : Be My Love

Lastly, don’t go forgetting the main stream bands we have all been hearing an incredible buzz about. These include:

  • Santigold “The Weekend” 
  • The Black Angels “Young Men Dead”
  • Justice — Because French people know how to party.
  • Beirut “Santa Fe”
  • Miike snow “Paddling Out” — If I wasn’t already obsessed enough, their most recent album got me borderline stalking.
  • Explosions In The Sky “Your Hand In Mine” — Their songs get better with every listen.
  • Childish Gambino “Freaks and Geeks” — With these clever lyricsI have a feeling that Childish Gambino is going to be huge so catch him here for  the “I saw him when…” moment years from now.
  • Bon Iver “Calgary” — Hands down, the most incredible artist I have ever seen play live. Do NOT miss this!
  • Florence and the Machine “Cosmic Love” — Let’s hope the festival planners put Florence on during the gorgeous Indio sunset.
  • The Horrors “Still Life”
  • m83 “Intro Song” -Just make sure you see them play, and nothing else will matter.
  • Oh yeah…and don’t forget to catch The Black Keys, Radiohead, Dr. Dre & Snoop

So pack up your feathers, your holy t-shirts, those barely-there jean shorts, a pair of Doc’s, and as much jewelry as your luggage will suffice, and we’ll see you for round 2 next week!

Xx. Jadan Huter