Currently Crushing On Berets

To many people’s surprise, the beret isn’t just an over-the-top, bordering on pretentious, French accessory that pairs well with a baguette. In fact, the beret has long been associated with creatives and hipsters throughout history. The hat was actually favored by the intellectual free-thinkers. The beatniks, painters, directors, and poets. It doesn’t end there though, the beret even got political. Che Guevara used it in the 60’s as a symbol of revolution, wearing it as he rallied for supporters to rise against the Batista government in Cuba. After he died, it was a look adopted by other activists, most notably the Black Panther Society.

Why is the beret so relevant again this year? I’d like to assume because it is now, more than ever, fashionable to be socially conscious. To campaign, to be outspoken, and to be politically engaged. It’s the revolution of 2018.

Rihanna to Bella Hadid are big fans of the beret, not to mention countless street-style stunners who are taking the dainty beret to the next level. Play it safe, and grab a classic black, or go all out with one of the bright options below.