Don’t Be a Scrooge – Get in the Spirit with Shopbop & East Dane’s BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!

It’s officially time to shop, and luckily for us Shopbop & East Dane has us covered with their BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! All brands are on sale, which means it’s time to start knocking out that Christmas list early this year! Whether it’s for that hard to shop for friend, a little something for your man, or even a little reward for yourself, Shopbop has everything you’re looking for. The Blonde & Brunette has sorted through to find our favorite items to help make your shopping experience a little easier this season. Check out our picks below and let us know in the comments which products are your absolute fave! And click here if you’re lusting after your very own BAH HUM BUG sweater. We think it’s a must and a lust.



Lauren, The Blondette and The Entire Blonde & Brunette Team