Dry Divas Keep You Fabulous

The Blonde and The Brunette team think this is the perfect “Shower” gift, bachelorette party or table favor! Now you don’t have to leave your swagger behind when you shower. Dry Divas luxurious, chic shower caps keep your hair looking its best while you still feel like your most glamorous self.

You can choose from several fabulous patterns that are made out of high-quality, soft laminated fabric. What’s more, you can customize each shower cap with the ribbon color of your choice making your cap uniquely yours and each cap is adorned with the latest in fashionable embellishments. It’s so much fun for everyone to try their caps on at the same time or trade! They come in colors from Pink Affair and Tickle Me Peach (shown above) plus seven other colors. Ladies and Kids versions are all $24. drydivas.com As they say, “Stay Fabulous!”

– NJ, The Brunette