Emma Watson Is “In Love”

Lancôme presents “Rouge in Love”, a new lipstick line, and “Vernis in Love”, a new nail polish line. They both debut this month and Emma Watson, best known for her role in the Harry Potter film franchise, is the new face of Lancôme. The campaign’s shot by photographer Mario Testino and this is sure to appeal to younger women. The 24 polishes are  sold in pairs; one color recommended for the hands and the other for the feet. The lipsticks are divided into three categories, “Jolis Matins” (everyday colors and nudes), “Lipsticks in the Boudoir Time” (colors with white or silver sparkles in them), and “Tonight Is My Night” (bold colors with gold sparkles). Rouge in Love is now available at $25 for the lipstick and the Vernis in Love nail polish is priced at $15/bottle at Saks Fifth Avenue , Nordstrom and of course, Lancome USA .

– Astrid Bryan, B &B Style & Beauty Expert