Endless Summer Eyes


Alongside our “endless summer” comes endless summer colors!

When I first heard about “colored” mascara, I instantly cringed thinking of a bad 80’s flashback. But, I must say, being introduced to the newest technicolor trend has made me a believer.

Luckily, the new “colored” wands are way more chic than ever before. When done right, colored mascara is a great way to lighten up your face, compliment your eyes, and add a bit of edge to any outfit. My favorite compliment to this pop of color is a thin line of liquid liner to draw even more attention to the eye—and so big on the runways around the world.

Here’s  my carefully edited list of favorite colors, as well as how and when you should wear them :

Blue – Dior Mascara  $25.00
Looks great on dark and light eye colors. Makes the whites of your eyes look whiter. Apply to top and bottom lashes!

Purple – Sephora Mascara $15.00
Looks great on dark and light eye colors. Perfect for a business meeting or a night out. Not too over the top, but still young and playful.

Yellow – Chanel Eyeliner $30.00
Looks great on both dark and light eyes. Only apply to bottom lashes for a bit of an edge.

Green – Physicians Formula Eyeliner $9.95
Looks great on both dark and light eyes. Works well with gold eyeshadow.

Forest Green – Sephora (Make Up Forever) $23.00
Works well on dark and light eyes. Elongates upper lashes.

Bright Pink – Sephora (Anastasia)  $18.00
Great on dark eyes. Use sparingly on the outer tips of the lash.

Fall colors and bright eyes. The perfect combo.

Xx. Jadan Huter