Oscar Fashion and Beauty Fix-Its

It’s that time of the year for The Blonde and The Brunette to share a few tricks of the trade that make our lives just that much easier and some of  the secrets LA stylists might use for Sunday’s Oscar Red Carpet! Here are five of our favorite fix-it secrets that often save the day (or night)! They’re perfect for everyday fashion and beauty solutions to keep on hand for a fashion emergency. A girl’s got to be prepared!

  • a.) Tired puffy eyes: Ice! Keep this Eye Mask $5.99 in your refrigerator and put it on for 10-15 minutes while you are getting ready!
  • b.) Go bra-less with Hollywood Fashion Tape Concealers 
  • c.) Hem Tape  $7.99  Another great trick is Fashion Tape for cowl neck blouses or deep, deep V’s  that are so very low. Nothing spills out!
  • d.) We put these Dr. Scholl’s Foot Cushions ($5.99) in almost every pair of shoes we own.  It adds the perfect amount of cushion to keep your back and feet from hurting when you are standing at an event or cocktail party for what seems like an eternity! You can also put these heel pads in all your high heels so your ankles don’t slip out. They also make walking easier with the snug heel pad. It avoids the ungraceful high heel walk. You know that one!
  • e.) If you can’t find your racerback bra when your are rushing to get dressed, the quick answer is Strap Solution . It converts any bra into a racerback! It is easier to put on than it looks and we use them all the time. There is nothing worse than a bra strap showing when we don’t want it to.

-Kathryn, The Blonde & NJ, The Brunette