How To Talk Like A Fashion Girl: A Newbie’s Designer Dictionary


On the heels (literally) of  another Paris Fashion Week, I had to look back. My very first job in fashion was as a 17 year old awestruck high school girl, I worked at a boutique that was owned by a woman that we referred to as “the Dragon Lady” (you know, from “The Devil Wears Prada”) and it wasn’t until recently that I realized just how much I learned from said Dragon Lady. For instance, I can pronounce Lanvin correctly. In any industry, you want to sound as knowledgeable as possible, and us fashion gals know what it’s like to be talking confidently about so and so’s new collection and all of the sudden committing the ultimate fashion faux pas by blurting out “bal-MAIN” instead of “bal-MAHN” (Balmain). Well, you’re in luck, because I came across an idiot’s guide to fashion by Harper’s Bazaar Australia. This designer dictionary is every newbie’s need-to-read, and will have you talking like a pro in no time…you’re welcome.




Azzedine Alaïa: azz-eh-DEEN ah-lie-ah

Balenciaga: ba-len-SEE-ah-gah

Balmain: bal-MAHn (emphasis on the MAH)

Christian Louboutin: christian loo-boo-THAN

Comme des Garçons: com dey gah-SON (silent s’s)

Dior Homme: dee-or om (silent h)

Dries Van Noten: drees van know-ten

Giambattista Valli: gee-am-bat-is-ta VAHL-i

Givenchy: Zshee-VON-she

Hermès: EHR-mez

Hedi Slimane: Eddie Slee-MAHN

Jean Paul Gaultier: Jahn Paul Go-tee-AIR

Lanvin: Lahn-vahn

Louis Vuitton: loo-ee VWEE-tahn

Maison Martin Margiela: may-son martin mar-JAY-lee-a

Marchesa: mar-KAY-za

Monique Lhuillier: mo-NEEK loo-lee-air

Miu Miu: mew-mew

Moschino: mos-KEY-no

Nicolas Ghesquière: NEEK-oh-la GUESS-key-air

Proenza Schouler: pro-en-za SCHOOL-er

Rochas: row-SHAH

Raf Simons: raf SIM-ons

Rodarte: row-DART-ay

Thakoon: tah-KOON

Versace: vur-SAH-chee

Yves Saint Laurent: eve sahn la-RON (silent t’s)

…Now that you’re an expert in the language of fashion, turn this into a quiz for your next girl’s night out and see which of your gal pals can keep up with you!