Finally, Something That Will Inspire You To Sleep In

It’s official. It seems that less is more in every aspect of life these days. Less makeup, less time messing with your locks, it’s funny really, it’s all about putting effort into looking effortless. While that goes for your looks and your locks why not apply it to your personal life as well?

Messy beds are next in line for the chic “effortless” makeover, and it all starts with a neutral set of linen sheets. Layered, strategically disheveled duvets that exude that lived-in texture gives off effortless appeal. I’ve always been OCD about the fact that my bed has to be made before I have my morning coffee, but now that I invested in the linen sheets, I understand the idea that the less I do to my bed the better. Linen adds a layer of effortless chic, and the neutral color palette adds a calming effect. Not to mention, good bedding is key to a good nights sleep, and linen feels like your sinking into a cloud at the end of the day, and I can only wish I made this discovery sooner. Made from flax fiber, linen is highly breathable, meaning it’s cool in summer and warm in winter, hypo allergenic, and best of all, environmentally friendly.