For The Friend Who Always Knows When Mercury Is In Retrograde.

Last months Super Snow Moon has me so inspired. In sticking with the theme, I love that 2019 is all about astrology inspired gifting and diving deep into the realm of horoscopes and sun signs. Monogramed gifts, and birthstone inspired jewelry is so last year.

I am sure you’re aware that there are two types of people in this world: Those who start every morning by reading their horoscope, convinced the daily musings are vital to starting the day – and those who… well, don’t really care. Those who do love astrology are just like vegans, or CrossFit enthusiasts – in which, it’s hard for them to talk about anything else.

So, embrace the moon cycles and get the friend that always knows when mercury is in retrograde something they they’re sure to go starry-eyed over from our selection of zodiac-inspired gift ideas below. If you want to dive deep into your own birth chart, look no further… Dynamic Astrology’s Carolyne Faulkner is a game-changing life-coach who allows you to create your birth chart online.

What does your chart say about you?

x Jadan