Gentlemen: Forget Me “Knot” For Your Sweetheart

Obviously everyone at The Blonde & The Brunette are getting a bit focused on Valentine’s Day and we’re trying to vibe the men in our lives. To all the gentlemen out there, give your sweetheart something she will never forget this “LOVE” day!

This classic little “Forget me Knot” ring, is such a darling way to show you care!  My favorite part about this ring is that it resembles a simple piece of string.  In the olden days, tying a piece of string around the ring finger was meant to be a pre-engagement “promise” ring to show your special someone you will always be there for them. Makes my heart melt!  Along with the “Forget me knot” ring, we’ve added a few other lovely sentiment rings to the list below that you’re lady will never want to take off.

  • a.) Gold Wire Love Ring $12 adjustable, and comes in gold and silver.
  • b.) Fred Flare for $58 in brass or sterling silver in sizes 5-8.  Designed by New York City artist Kiel Mead.
  • c.) Zoe and Morgan $116 in 22ct gold plate in sizes small, medium, or large.
  • d.) Etsy Metalnat Ring $320

Xx. Jadan Huter