My All-Time Favorite Clutch

Investment pieces are always on our mind at The Blonde and The Brunette.  You know the ones you use day in day out. Year after year. I always seem to go straight past my other clutches to this one. It’s the Large Patent Leather YSL Clutch and it is honestly the best evening clutch I own.  I love it so much because the size and structure is absolutely perfect for holding everything I need for the night: cell phone, wallet, lip stain/liner, lip gloss, touch up makeup, peppermint gum and a digital camera.  Everything fits!  I would be shocked if you needed more room.  Why does this bag work? It follows the “simple” rule. It balances  modern sophistication while perfectly complimenting any outfit. Your bag doesn’t overshadow your outfit!  I wear my black and silver metallic ones ALL the time.  The Patent Leather is another great choice great because it never shows any stains or scratches.  Look at all the colors online or go into a YSL store because they are constantly restocking this best seller.

Large YSL Clutch $475.

– Kathryn, The Blonde