Get Arrested

That’s right. Just like Lindsay Lohan. These one-of-a-kind vintage necklaces were literally inspired  by Lindsay’s many and varied scuffles with the law, jewelry and house detention.  I’m not kidding.  Real Sheriff’s, City Marshall and Deputy Sheriff’s badges from Las Vegas, San Antonio, Colorado Springs and western towns. You can even choose to be a Brothel Inspector or select the infamous “Chicken Ranch” coin necklace  with your very own $3 all night “cat” house coin.  Everyone at The Blonde and The Brunette was howling and fighting for our favorite one after I walked into the office with this crazy discovery.

The brainchild of designer Shannon Calandri, we love them so much we are upset we didn’t think this up.  Wear them like crazy with everything because the price is right, you can even spurge on two.  This is also sure to bring the house down at a Bachelorette Party especially if you are headed to Vegas for a wild weekend. Sold as part of her Viavievintage line, each one is $62.50.  It’s sure to cause trouble.

– NJ, The Brunette