Get Naked. Get Dirty. Get Rough. Get Clean.


Frank Is Awesome.


So what is it? Frank is an all natural coffee scrub for your body. It is an exfoliator that targets skin conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, varicose veins, acne, and psoriasis, and it actually REALLY works! It is made with fresh arabica coffee grinds, sweet almond, orange, and lots of other natural ingredients!


Here’s the scoop. Pun intended. Coffee grinds are incredibly beneficial for your skin. When caffeine is applied topically, it stimulates blood-flow and circulation. This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, as well as the coffee grinds themselves are a natural exfoliate helping rid your body of dry skin. The brown sugar and sea salt help smooth out any unwanted bumps, the almond oil works to moisturize and tone your skin, and the vitamins and minerals work wonders from the outside in! So yummy!

Guess what?! You’ve also discovered Frank JUST in time for their INCREDIBLE giveaway!


Instead of Will Wonka’s Golden Ticket.  Find The // GOLDEN FRANK // !

How to win:

This month, Frank swapped his brown paper bag for a shiny gold one. It will be shipped at random to a lucky ‘frankfurt’ who buys a Frank scrub during the month of April. It could be at the beginning of the month or, it could be at the end. Nobody knows, but the more packs you buy the higher your chance of winning is. If you find the golden Frank, you’ll win the ultimate babe’s trip to BALI! Yes! You read that correctly.

What you & your best babe friend will get :

x 2 Return flights to Bali
x 7 Nights accommodation for 2
$1000 spending money
Hotel transfers
Spa treatment for 2
A babe’n Triangl bikini for each of you. 

Happy scrubbing!

To purchase : 14.95 for original or 17.95 for the Coconut & Grapeseed. FrankBody 

Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean.

Xx. Jadan Huter