Gifts That Give

More important than just giving a gift this holiday season is giving a gift within a gift.   At The Blonde and The Brunette, we’re talking about companies that are sharing their proceeds to benefit charitable foundations.  Here are a few great gift ideas that will not only be loved, but will continue to keep on giving.

Fight Against Breast Cancer “Tree of Life” Pendant Necklace

Christina Applegate & Designer Alex Woo designed this delicate “Tree of Life” necklace. It features 7 leaves to symbolize the days of the week as a reminder to “live life to the fullest.” (Sterling silver $198 – 14kt Gold $998)

FEED Projects Tote bags & Wallets ($39 / $19)
Proceeds go to the U.N World Food Program.  Also available at Lord and Taylor online.

Practice safe sun
Make a $10 or $25 dollar donation and receive your bracelet.  Proceeds go to the Melanoma Research Foundation: Organization dedicated to raising skin cancer awareness.

Lastly, is GO RED!
Since their launch in 2006 they have contributed 150 thousand dollars to the Global AIDS fund.  Red works with many iconic brands such as American Express, Apple, Converse, Dell, Gap, Nike, Starbucks and countless others.  Pick up any of the products you desire right here!

– Jadan, The Bnb “It” Girl