Giorgio Armani One Night Only New York City: Behind The Scenes















Nude. That’s the how the evening is going to unfold and we can’t wait. “Nude” Red Carpet. “Nude” walls. “Nude” Armani Privé  on the Runway. 740 Guests. Probably as many celebrities as stars in the sky and we are guessing lots of “nude” gowns. Celebrity fittings have been going on for over two intense weeks so we are bound to spot one-of-a-kind looks that may leave us all breathless. We’ll see everything for the ladies (meaning long and short) and men are being asked to go with “evening chic”.  It’s all about to unfold on the Superpier in New York.

It’s tonight, and, in fact, today has been officially proclaimed Giorgio Armani Day in New York. Here’s a sneak peak at the “Eccentrico Exhibit” and the “Lounge” for the “Cocktail Dinatoire” set-ups as they were getting underway late last night.” I must remember to call my next event that! At the end of the evening some guests are also being invited to an exclusive location for an intimate viewing of the Privé pieces. Thank you, Armani!

We also can’t resist showcasing the Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman tribute windows. Bloomies has the whole Armani black velvet and leather thing going on which is the look happening in New York and Milano fashion. I witnessed and wore it myself at the exclusive afternoon reception yesterday at Bergdorf’s hosted by Roberta Armani and award-winning actress Glenn Close. It is suddenly so refreshingly modern, elegant and luxurious. Leave it to Armani to mix the two and make it perfect for day and evening wear.

At Bergdorf’s, they also have the exclusive nude ready-to-wear capsule collection that was featured with sketches on Lucky’s website.   Linda Fargo, Bergdorf’s stylish Senior VP and  fashion gatekeeper to all, arrived along with Wanda McDaniel, Armani’s powerhouse celebrity liaison. The collection includes sleek pantsuits, swingy bell coats, cocktail dresses and buttery suede stilettos—all rendered in soft, rosy beige. As Mr. Armani said, “I wanted to condense my ‘Nude’ Privè collection into a wardrobe.” He’s done it beautifully. Expect to see it everywhere now and for Spring.  Of course, leave it to Bergdorf’s to curate their windows with many of the major Red Carpet Armani gowns worn by the likes of Jodie Foster, Milla Jovocich, and Jennifer Lopez.

Finally for all you voyeurs, you can watch the evening unfold  at Why not? You might even spot me in the crowd along with all the other Armani fans.

I Love New York.


NJ Goldston, The Brunette

Photos Courtesy of Armani and The Blonde and The Brunette