Givenchy Spring 2012: I’m Going To Sex You Up

The Blonde and The Brunette have to say it. “Wow”. This is an absolutely stunning collection from Givenchy and its creative genius Ricardi Tisci.  It’s another Paris collection inspired by the sea only this time surfers and mermaids. Seems like everyone had a great summer vacation and this inspired most of Paris. For Tisci, he crafted his ultra sexy vision (and what’s up with all these sexy collections?) from exotic materials, sequins, peplums, sumptuous jackets and amazing draping to the leggings which are the “second skins”.  The shimmering fabrics and the cotton candy pink all combined with the soft, long hair make me already wish for Spring as LA experienced its first Fall rain drops today. It’s a new kind of wet suit.

-NJ, The Brunette