Last Minute:Happy Halloween a la Edward and Bella!

Last minute couple alert. Maybe you can just go as Edward and Bella! All it takes is finding an exceedingly handsome man (and I did see the Robert Pattinson at the ELLE Women of Hollywood event in non-brooding mode just last week). Your fella just needs to tousle his hair, apply pale make-up, the standard issue button-down shirt paired with washed jeans and gold contact lenses from Costal Contacts (order by October 24th). It’s not that hard for you to be Bella. Long dark hair, same pale make-up, and jeans and a button down shirt. You can get your brown eyes (or red if you are channeling Bella as she returns for the final saga) at Costal Contacts for $29.50. No prescription required.

Either way, make sure to just look deep into each others eyes, casually hang on one another and kiss.


NJ, The Brunette