Haute Couture Makes A Comeback

It seemed not so long ago, maybe it was last season, the nay-sayers were out there saying “Couture is Dead”. Not really. Although there may not be a wide list of private clients, the Paris Spring 2012 Haute Couture Shows have made it abundantly clear something is brewing in the fashion world. The Blonde and The Brunette surmise it’s not necessarily the rare mix of actually producing limited pieces for a limited following but the real drive is the marketing of a brand. The runway is the launching pad for the Red Carpet , brand recognition tied-in with the celebrity fame game, and this marriage produces a much welcomed after glow on the Ready-To Wear collections.

Designers are the grand influence-rs.  This time out Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel used an airplane set and stewardess theme to put us all in the mood for over a 150 shades of blue (was he inspired by Pan Am?) including an emphasis on boatnecksGiorgio Armani tapped in to snake-patterned details and electric evening wear. Versace gravitated to sequins, crystal and lime green. Christian Dior embraced full skirts and detailed organza while Givenchy and and Giambattista Valli created spectacular evening wear. Suddenly sparkle is all o.k. again. My hunch is we will see many of these “show” gowns, slightly modified, at the round of upcoming Red Carpet events.  As they say, “The show must go on.”

NJ Goldston, The Brunette