Have A Hippy Holiday

Everyone at The Blonde and The Brunette wish you and your families peace on earth and a happy holiday season!

NJ, Kathryn, Ashlee, Jadan, Randy, Pamela, Astrid, Susan, Jose, Cameron and Martin

To really put you in the mood, we also included some of our favorite peace-themed fashions.  Enjoy!

a.) Danielle Stevens Make Peace Necklace ($42)

b.) Tiffany Metro Peace Sign Pendant ($675)

c.) Lauren G. Adams Peace Sign Ring ($108)

d.) AE Peace Two-Finger Ring ($15.50)

e.) Butter Crop Pant With Peace Dove Guitar ($59.50)

f.) Wildfox New Peace Oversize Tee ($77)

g.) C3 Collection Black Studded Ombre Peace Sign Cashmere Sweater ($160.65)

h.) Wildfox Peace Angora Beanie ($57)

i.) Coach Poppy Studded Peace Sign Heart Charm ($38)

j.) Bee Charming Gold Twelve Strand Peace Bangle ($38)

k.) Galleria Peace Signs Bubble Umbrella ($25)