Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

If you have ever traveled to the Hawaiian Islands, you’ve probably seen people donning Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry — beautiful gold bracelets, rings, and pendants ornately carved with floral and scroll designs.  The jewelry is inspired by a gift Queen Lili’uokalani’s received from Queen Victoria of England: a gold bracelet with her name inscribed in black enamel.  Visitors and locals alike continue to wear jewelry personalized with names and phrases (in you were wonder, “Kuuipo” is Hawaiian for “sweetheart”) and it remains a treasured island keepsake.  I know the bracelet my parents gave to me on my 21st birthday is one of the staple pieces of my jewelry collection.  So if you’re planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands (as The Brunette and I both are), be sure to pick up a piece to call your own.  And, even if a Hawaiian getaway isn’t in your immediate future, you can order your custom piece online at sites such as:

– Ashlee, Brunette Contributor