Head Pieces We Adore


Barrettes might remind you of big bows and butterfly clips, but thanks to Rodarte, they’ve been reincarnated into a romantic addition to any wardrobe. These days, we’re all so quick to think about jewelry and handbags, but I can’t remember the last time I thought about a hair accessory. With all the time spent styling my hair each morning, it makes sense I might want to add a little extra adornment!


Rodarte has always had a thing for far-out beauty embellishments, but this years Spring ’16 collection of gilded floral barrettes caught our eye as something special, something inspired for a romanticized Romeo & Juliette ensemble. “I like that they look like they’re part of a crown, without being a full crown,” hairstylist Odile Gilbert commented to Vogue editors about the barrettes and we couldn’t agree more.






It’s a simple addition that goes a long way, so accentuate your tresses and add a little intrigue this spring. Here are a couple pieces to keep you feeling like a princess until you can get your hands on a gorgeous Rodarte!

Xx. Jadan Huter