Hem Gems: The Temporary Tailoring Solution

I was in Santa Barbara about two weeks ago and my favorite jeans (Joe’s micro flares) were dragging as I walked through the streets of Montecito.  I mean, really dragging; I was in flats (which is unheard for me) and I literally stumbled across Hem Gems.  They saved my jeans and the weekend.  They are so simple and I wish I had thought of it.  You just choose a gem, fold your pants to the desired length, clutch the seam and apply the gem of your choice.  That’s all it takes to become a temporary tailor and save your pants or best of all temporarily change your look.  To select your favorite emblem you can order online or go to one of their retailers to buy them. Life  just got a little easier. Each of the styles is $19.99.  That’s a small price for looking great. Hem Gems.

– NJ, The Brunette