How Do The Fashion Pros Ship Their Clothes? WorldNet.

Here’s another BnB fashion scoop. Do you ever wonder (I did) how all the great runway and ready-to-wear clothes are shipped back and forth (sometimes literally overnight) all over the world for fashion week, trunk shows, celebrities, to your local boutique or to LA,  New York, London, Paris and Milan?  Or what about clothes for mere mortals who are traveling (especially internationally)?  Wonder no more.  It’s the fashion industry’s big shipping secret: World-Net.

If you have personal,  business or international shipping needs, WorldNet literally does all the heavy lifting. They can and will drop off wardrobes and boxes (or you can send suitcases) and  ship your clothes or other goods almost anywhere in the world or the U.S. After they pickup your shipment, they carefully add another protective packing layer at their offices. This double protects your shipment  from any damage from the elements before it goes in their special sections of commercial and air freight flight compartments. Best of all, everything arrives perfectly and they do all the customs and violà your items are at your destination.

With all the new weight regulations, this can be a great way to ship your clothes overseas and send them back at the end of your trip.  It’s all calculated by weight and speed of service.  So if you pack in advance your rates go down. I’ve used them many times and the results are always the same. Everything is picked up, delivered and returned on time no matter where I am in the world. They do all the paperwork too. Take a look at their logo above. You’ve probably spotted it on their mini-vans zipping around your city.

For customer service or a quote, call my buddy Harold Popek at 718-244-5929 in the U.S. and tell him NJ from The Blonde and The Brunette sent you for a 10% discount on all  first time orders. If youa re based overseas, and their headquarters are in London,  call 1-800-474-6810 and this number also works for shipping and  tracking requests.

– NJ, The Brunette