Leg Candy:Hue Opaque Tights

Yup. I LOVE a bold pop of color for Fall in a tight or legging and so does Ashlee. Ugh oh.! Hope I didn’t drag her in to this post too much.  Our go to source is HUE’s Cord Leggings or Opaque Tights. We found a wide selection in the tiny beauty supply shop near our offices and they’re probably just as available wherever you live. Colored tights add real office drama as we wait to see who is showing up in what particular color on any given day. Ribbed leggings for casual Fridays and bold colors for weekday dresses is the rule. Hue opaque and two tone tights. $13. Corduroy or Ribbed leggings $39.

The fuchsia is my favorite. What’s your?

Time to start your own color war.


NJ, The Brunette