Safe Sun The LA Way: Ikari Custom Skin Care


 When you live in LA or if you happen to be on Spring Break, it is very important to protect your face from the sun at all times. Maybe you’re like me.  There was a time when I sometimes choose to ‘skip’ putting on sunblock because I used to have the idea I was not tanning with a very high SPF. Wrong! I’ve learned that this is not always the case, I just needed a safe system.

My solution. I have been using Ikari Serum Solaire SPF 50 for my face every day and I get very tan without burning. I love this product. It is very light and does not leave any white marks on your skin. You can also use it underneath your makeup, since it’s very important to have your face very well protected when exposed to the sun!




When you check out the site, you will see they have a custom skin test. It only takes two minutes and you will know exactly what kind of skin you have and which products suit you. Ikari Cosmetics. Happy tanning!

-Astrid Bryan