Inside Scoop: Louis Vuitton Series 2 Opening Party


All of LA was hoping to receive a hand-delivered red “epi” leather invite to Louis Vuitton’s very starry Thursday night opening of its “Series 2” exhibition; but, only a select few were lucky enough to attend, including me. Perfectly timed around the new Rodeo Drive store opening, everyone from the Paris contingent of  artistic director Nicholas Ghesquière, flying in with Catherine Deneuve, CEO Michael Burke, and a flock of Vuitton custom-clad stars including Jennifer Connelly, Oscar nominated Rosamund Pike, and Michelle Williams showed up to take in the immersive multiroom branding experience. Located in a warehouse space in the heart of the Hollywood art and media district,  the exhibit allows visitors to explore the creative process behind the Spring/Summer 2015 collection through a series of seven distinctive thematic spaces. Each one  sheds light on the process behind the creation of a collection.

This was certainly no ordinary fashion party. Months  in the making (probably longer), the guest list was strictly friends of the house and the crowd was clearly wowed by the sheer theatricality of the exhibit and opening party.

We all took in the entire experience. Guests entered the exhibit through an oversized LV logo which Ghesquière revived from the archives in neon lights. Perfect for posing and Instagram, many lingered before moving to the “Talking Faces,” room allowing visitors to experience the opening animation of Ghesquière’s spring 2015 women’s collection show.  The dark corridor continued to the  “Magic Trunk” room showing  the house’s most recognizable products in hologram projections blending past inspirations, current designs and future ideas.  Then it was on to the “Savoir-fair Room” focused on the the inside of a Vuitton trunk;  the“Backstage” room which recreates the fashion show’s backstage space and has every look from the runway show (I know because they were frantically gathering the samples from all over the world)  “an Infinite Show Room” using  360-degree projection to show all 48 looks of this collection very much like a hall of mirrors and inspired by the show and Nicholas’ love of sci-fi.  This all wound it’s way  to the “Accessories Gallery” showcasing objects on a pure white canvas of 3-D printed figures alongside heritage pieces. Then it was time to party and I did. Mingling with the star-studded crowd including catching up with the ever lovely Michelle Williams and architect Peter Mariano.


But first, the clothes. Everyone got the message. Wear Vuitton! Here’s how it went down. For weeks in advance, outfits were being culled and produced so no two stars or guests would be in the same look. The star studded crowd and friends of the house were styled in  Series 2 Spring/Summer, Resort 2015, Fall 2014 to Pre-Fall 2015 collections.  Jennifer Connelly, Michelle Williams and Rosamund Pike were in custom looks I am sure are not available at retail just yet or maybe ever. I was lucky enough to wear a red sequined dress (yes, I’m wearing a color!!) that was made exclusively for Beverly Hills to celebrate the store reopening. Loved it. Note to self: I must wear color more often.

Jennifer’s “suit” was actually covered in  beautiful sequins and  Rosamund’s dress is in a custom blue.
The beautiful Riley Keough slipped away from her wedding festivities to make an appearance.
Architect Peter Marino clad in his custom leather look. Adore him!


Besides the seven exhibit rooms,  images lined the walls, to create the perfect interactive Instagram backdrop. There’s even a souvenirs room with free stickers depicting household items (hair dryers, lipsticks, headphones) for guests to grab, collect and add to their LV. The print is part of the spring runway collection and the idea actually came from luggage labels. The crowd loved it with many grabbing handfuls at a time —all part of the idea the interactive show theme.
The backstage room which may have been my favorite.

I could give you lots of celeb quotes and gushing but I won’t. Quite simply, if you live in LA or are visiting, this is a do not miss. Get over to Highland pronto. The exhibition runs from Feb. 6 to 22 at 1135 North Highland Avenue and will be open to the public daily. Next stop: Beijing where I suspect there will be another party.

With Love From LA and Louis Vuitton,

NJ Goldston, The Brunette

photos credits: Billy Farrell/ NJ Goldston/