Exclusive: A Special Interview With Famed Jewelry Designer Markus Molinari

Markus Molinari, J. Molinari Jewelry Designer and The H.wood Group Partner

If somehow famed jewelry designer Markus Molinari isn’t on your radar, he should be. The Hollywood “bon vivant” and also Katy Perry’s bbf, recently did a collab with Jason of Beverly Hills including his “Addicted” necklace and “Syringe” ring. The collection ignited an exciting firestorm of media and celeb interest. We had a quick sit down with Molinari so we could get the inside scoop on what he’s been up to recently. It’s as interesting as ever.

1. What inspired you to start designing jewelry? 

I’ve always been obsessed with accessorizing. When I was in elementary school I would make beaded earrings and sell them to all the ladies in my moms office. Then in high school I actually learned how to make a wax mold and cast my own pieces. I think it’s just a creative passion that’s always been inside of me.

2. Who is your biggest muse?

Myself, mainly. Everyday I find something or someone that may inspire a piece but that piece is created and intended with me in mind to wear. My last collection was called the “Addiction Collection”. Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artist/ renaissance men. I remember reading a quote from him saying “I don’t do drugs, I am the drug” so the line was a play on words “addiction to jewelry” “addiction to a love one”. I also loved that he did everything from sculptures to painting to making films to writing. I was really drawn to that concept or way of being. An artist doesn’t have to only know or do one trick. A true creative oozes their imagination or vision in everything they touch.

3. Who would be your dream celebrity to style?

In this moment Cardi B. In life Milla Jovovich.

4. What is your favorite piece you’ve designed and why?

I think it would have to be my syringe ring. That particular piece surprised me by the reaction I later got from other people. Some people won’t touch it because they don’t want to be associated with glamorizing drugs but like I said my inspiration didn’t stem from that but on the other hand I would watch that same type of person not have a problem buying Dior addict makeup or sporting a pill shape bag from Louboutin or Moschino. I say “choices.” I did have a client tear up and tell me how much they adored that piece because they had diabetes and had to live with using a syringe everyday to stay alive, that meant something to them because it was a necessity in their life. That helped me a lot with staying true to my vision because not everyone’s going to “get it” but sometimes unexpectedly you may touch someone in a positive way you didn’t even intend on. That’s powerful and very special.

Available at Jason of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills at the Beverly Wilshire, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Ginza Japan, and Miami design district locations. Get addicted!


Julia Obst & Jadan Huter with an assist from NJ Goldston