Introducing: Guerlain Noir G

Finally!  Guerlain bring us Noir G: refillable mascara with a pop-up mirror and changeable brushes!  Lipstick and mascara are products you absolutely need a mirror to apply, and Guerlain came up with an amazing new packaging idea.  Launching this January, the mascara liquid formula can be replenished and the brush changed, so you’ll save money.  The retail price for the mascara and compact is $49, while refills are just $26.  The mascara is even scented with peach, rose, jasmine, and musk.

The Rouge G Lipstick also comes with a pop-up mirror.  The shades are 24 Rouge Sensuel, 45 Orange Euphorique, 70 Fuschia Delice, and 71 Rose Desir.  Lipsticks are $46 each.

This will be the most stylish way to apply mascara and lipstick.  I can’t wait☺!!!!!

Noir G Mascara will be available at starting December 26.  And all the other department stores beginning of January (Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, etc.).

– Astrid, Style & Beauty Expert