Introducing: Salon Platinum Black

I have had the privilege of sitting in Michael Haase’s styling chair, and let me tell you, it was an experience with a true artist.  He analyzes and discusses the hair like I a sculptor sculpting his clay.  He is a true expert at the hairstyle and color makeover.  He takes everything about his client into consideration, such as personality, skin color, body type and willingness to change.  He helps to suggest changes and enhancements if his client is ready for it.  He has truly enhanced the color and shape of my hair.  We have already discussed the plan for my hair cut and color for my next few sessions.  In the fall, he is going to move me into a strawberry blond with a stronger style to reflect the color and fashion of the fall season.  Now that’s how art and beauty collide.

The Blonde for B&B: Salon Platinum Black is a completely custom space, designed by you.  What do you want your clients to experience in your salon space?

Michael Haase of Salon Platinum Black: I wanted to create a space where clients and hairdressers can be inspired daily and be visually entertained.  Taking and combining elements from The Palace of Versailles and the film, A Clockwork Orange, produces a kind of eclectic eccentricity to the space…extremely artistic, fashion forward and timeless.

B&B: What are the hot Fall trends for hairstyles? Long hair and short hair trends?

MH: Hair should have a life of its own and should have movement-whether it is long or short.  Long hair is going in the direction of deeper tones and separated layers that come alive when you move.  Fashions are a combination of layers and textures just as hair should be.  Short hair needs shine and strong lines which allows us to move away from the shredded shapes of the past.

As people get more daring with their wardrobe, they get more experimental with their hairstyle.  Any person who has the courage to wear the fashions of the seasons also has the security to wear a dynamic hairstyle.

B&B: What about the new trend towards the half “up do”?

MH: These party styles can really be trend-setting if they are executed with good technical skill.  The shape should be tall enough to attract attention, yet refined enough not to look too “prom”, which has a tendency to be very conservative.

B&B: How do you achieve the Victoria Secret wave?

MH: There are numerous ways to create this look: round iron, flat iron, even with a good round brush technique.  What is required are the  right products and skill by the hairdresser or the client to support this shape and style to last throughout the evening or event.  Here at Salon Platinum Black, the team is well skilled in understanding different hair textures and guiding our clients to reproduce the looks of choice.

B&B: The sexiest look for a woman is…

MH: A well fashioned sense of style that fits her personality.

B&B: The secret to a great blonde, brunette and redhead …

MH: Color is and always will be an investment.  On the West Coast, it’s not the sun, but our water that fades haircolor.  All the hairdressers at Salon Platinum Black, educate their clients about quality home haircare.  Every client has the opportunity to support his/her color of choice with products that will reduce fading and drying out.  Color is like a fine garment, it’s an investment. I don’t think you’re going to take your Alexander Mcqueen and throw it in the wash, it must be professionally cleaned.  Hair needs quality care.

B&B: When you travel, is there a secret to looking pulled together?

MH: Traveling with a dry shampoo product is a very good idea.  I recommend Unite’s 7 Seconds Dry Shampoo…most models have a can in their bag or in the car and it is what we haidressers use to clean the hair with backstage at fashion events and photo shoots.  A low pony tail is always in style and better than a high one.  Up high states “Hey, I’m cute”, and that can get boring when everyone is doing it, a low pony says “I’m fashionable”, and is much more in this season.

Salon Platinum Black

142 South Barrington Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90049


Salon Platinum Black invites all BnB readers to attend the official launch party on September 24th from 4pm-8pm. Please feel free to join us!

– Kathryn, The Blonde