It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow


You know we test things before we recommend them. This is no exception. Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest cookbook, ” It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great” is my favorite new cookbook! Feeling fatigued and faint, after a particularly grueling work schedule and more over indulgent eating than usual,Gwyneth went to several doctors and realized she had sensitivities to various food groups, such as dairy, gluten, and chicken’s eggs.  This started her new journey towards cleaner and healthier food, without sacrificing any flavor or satisfaction.

As a mom this was especially important to her. She wanted to give her kids the building blocks and life time skills for healthy eating.  You can’t do that unless the food actually also tastes great. Working with co-author Julia Turshen, she created yummy recipes from salmon burgers to fish fingers to chocolate cake without any of the bad stuff.  The result?  Recipes for the foods she eats when she wants to lose weight, look good, and feel more energetic. Her cookbook that eliminates all the bad foods that ruin lives, like bread, deep-water fish, red meat, cow’s milk, and eggplants, and focuses on the “good” foods in the world, like goji berries, green juice and quail eggs as well as delicious meals that everyone, especially kids, love. It’s All Good. $17.60. Happy Cooking!


-Kathryn, The Blonde