Kudos! We Saved Fresh Market at Neiman Marcus Beverly HiIls!



Everybody collectively exhale!  The Blonde & The Brunette are the first to get the scoop. Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills and all the great corporate folks in Dallas moved the jigsaw pieces around in their minds and had an a-ha moment. Let’s not close the Fresh Market Beverly Hills. Let’s make it BETTER! They’re going to re-imagine the entire third floor, home to all the best contemporary collections in town, and totally update our favorite girl’s healthy, low-call foodie pit-stop. Retail genius, right? We also have a sneaking suspicion, there’s lots more retail in-store excitement coming our way.

So if you don’t think your voice counts. It does at Neiman Marcus. They’re customer-centric. So let’s all say thank you for listening.


NJ Falk, The Brunette