Lipstick Addiction

OK, I’m just saying this is quite ironic and clever. Kate Moss is the Iconic face of  Dior Addict.  It’s a play on, well,…her supermodel status and her complex past.  Brilliant marketing! Still, it wouldn’t work if the product wasn’t equal to the hype and it is.  This line seems more relevant than ever with its  intense colors, a reflecting gel to intensify shine and a special plumping hydration.  With 25% less wax than a classic lipstick, it delivers a very modern transparency that makes it a bit more bold but with a softer look .  The black metallic packaging is a stunning bonus. The total look is almost a take on Astrid’s signature look: black nail lacquer balanced with a strong lip and black eyeliner. Also, if you don’t already know this (and you probably do) the new trend is to select one  dramatic lipstick color and only wear that one as your signature look.  One lipstick. One look.  Dior Iconic lipsticks are  $30 each. Available at Neiman Marcus or Sephora.

NJ, The Brunette